Correction: Venezuela-Oil Cargo Seizure story

In this April 29, 2020 photo, Venezuelan shipping magnate Wilmer Ruperti smokes a cigarette during an interview in Caracas, Venezuela. As a result of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, a high-stakes legal fight in U.S. federal court is pitting Ruperti against Greek shipping magnate Evangelos Marinakis, in connection with oil tanker Alkimos carrying high octane gasoline estimated to be worth millions.

-Scott Smith

MIAMI (AP) — In a story on June 30, 2020, The Associated Press erroneously reported that prosecutors in Greece opened a preliminary criminal investigation against ship owner Evangelos Marinakis stemming from the seizure of heroin aboard one of his vessels. The narcotics were found on a vessel that did not belong to Marinakis or any of his companies.

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