5 Things to Know for Today

By The Associated Press

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2. ‘ONE LIFE IS NOT WORTH MORE THAN ANOTHER’ The spread of coronavirus is prompting soaring demand for oxygen. But in much of the world, medical oxygen is expensive and hard to get — a basic marker of inequality.

3. ARCTIC WARMING AT ALARMING RATE The increasing temperatures in Siberia have been linked to wildfires that grow bigger and more severe every year, and the thawing of the permafrost.

4. HOW EXPERTS VIEW OFFICERS’ ARBITRATION RIGHTS They say the appeals process used by most law enforcement agencies contributes to officer misconduct, limits public oversight, dampens morale and jeopardizes criminal cases handled by dishonest officers.

5. BASEBALL WILL LOOK DIFFERENT UPON RETURN The season is now going to be a 60-game sprint to the finish, held in ballparks without fans and feature some unusual rules.

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